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Tragic Effects of Tanzimat

Those educated in the schools established during the Tanzimat period included Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and other progressive leaders and thinkers of the Republic of Turkey and of many other former Ottoman states in the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. Christians enjoyed freedom of speech, western education and rights in politics. Most Muslims, on the other hand, received none of these benefits and were ultimately left worse off by the reforms. This led to anti-Western sentiment in a radicalized population, evidenced by the rise of groups like the Young Ottomans who in 1876 forced new sultan Abdul Hamid II to establish a constitution that would be obeyed by Sultan himself. This attempt was to ensure that Sultan will be forced not to impose his will on people.

The reforms peaked in 1876 with the implementation of an Ottoman constitution checking the autocratic powers of the Sultan.Study “First Constitutional Era”. Although the new Sultan Abdülhamid II signed the first constitution, he quickly turned against it and suspended the constitution as he could not let go the wish to forcefully impose his will on people which was not allowed according to constitution.

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